Clifton Primary School

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Wellbeing Club

Spring Club- Well being and Mindfulness 

We have been having lots of fun learning about how to look after our Well being with Miss H Dhaliwal. This half term, we have looked at different ways to look after our well being and use mindfulness as a tool to help us manage our emotions. Have a look at some of the activities we have tried! 

Cooking Healthy Pizzas

 In one of our sessions, we made delicious and healthy pizzas. We know that eating well helps us feel better physically and mentally. We learned an easy recipe that we can make at home with our families. We were great at helping Miss Dhaliwal to tidy up after too!

Here is what you need:


Naan bread, cheese, tomato sauce (we used pasaata) and vegetables


1.Carefully chop the onion and peppers into squares. Ask an adult to supervise you.

2. Grate some cheese of your choice

3.Spoon some passata onto each naan bread

4. Add whichever vegetables you like on top

5. Sprinkle on the cheese

6. Add seasonings

7.Ask an adult to put the pizzas onto a baking tray and cook for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese is golden.