Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve


The Clifton Curriculum was designed with the National Curriculum and the needs and values of our community intertwined. Our subject specific curriculum has been carefully developed to ensure that it is broad, balanced, diverse, inclusive and fully representative of our pupil’s.


Learning is sequential, builds on our pupil’s knowledge and skills over time and expands their cultural capital. We strive to ensure that learning is engaging, promotes independence, challenges pupil’s thinking and creates ambitious learners who ‘Aspire to Achieve.’


The Clifton Curriculum is so much more than just the subjects being taught. It is the additional opportunities we provide for our pupils through trips, workshops and leadership responsibilities. It is our dedication to improving our children’s wellbeing and ensuring we are their safe space. It is the relationships our staff and pupils build and the respect they give each other. It is the trust our families have in us to always strive to do the best for them and their children. It is knowing the barriers that our children face and making sure each child has what they need to unlock their own potential. Our pupils are encouraged to show respect for each other, demonstrate fierce determination inside and outside of their learning, care for each other, our local community and the world around them and represent the unity of our special community of Southall.


In order to ensure high quality teaching in all subjects we use a combination of:

  • Individually designed schemes of work that we have tailored to the needs of our pupils (Reading, Writing, Maths, DT, History and Geography)
  • Published schemes of work which we have adapted to meet the needs of our pupils (Science, RE, PSHE, Computing, Art and PE)
  • Specialist teachers (Music and Spanish)


For our individually designed schemes of work and published schemes of work our subject leaders and year group teachers work in collaboration to ensure learning is clearly sequenced, knowledge and skills are built on each other over time and lessons are adapted to suit the needs of each individual class. Key concepts are revisited through individual subjects and our reading curriculum to support pupil’s long-term memory and extend their understanding.


Subject leaders reflect and review their subject’s curriculum annually.


To find out more information about or curriculum, please visit our subject specific pages and view our year group overviews.

If you would like to find out more information about the curriculum our school is following, please click the link below.