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Private Tuition

We are aware that many families are currently buying into private tutoring services in order to support their children with their learning outside of school. Whilst we do not disagree with pupils having private tuition, it is extremely important that parents/carers do research on the tuition service before children start lessons and before you pay out your money.


  • Tutors are not required to be registered or approved by any statutory organisation
  • Tutors do not have to be a qualified teacher - any person can seek work as a tutor
  • Tutors can set their own rates for payment - this is not monitored by anyone
  • A DBS check is a criminal record check that all staff who work in schools must have - this is law. It is unlikely that many private tutors will have a DBS check, and it is not law to do so. It is up to you as a parent/carer to decide whether or not to employ a private tutor without a recent DBS check.
  • If your child is having tuition, it is a good idea to ensure it is taking place in a public area of the house.
  • Monitor the work your child is doing with the private tutor to ensure it is at the right level for your child.


All of the above applies to all tutors, including those who work in public centres e.g. The Dominion Centre. These companies just hire the facilities, they are not connected to Ealing Council.


Please note - We do not endorse any person or company advertising tuition outside the school gates.


The document below has been created by Ealing Council to support parents/carers in making informed choices about choosing the right person to privately tutor their child.