Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve


2022-2023 Clifton Councillors 

Our Clifton Councillors have worked extremely hard this year. Read on the find out about the wonderful things they have done! 

Work across the school 

After a successful campaign, our Councillors were voted in and began to communicate with children in their classes about changes they wanted to see across the school and exciting ideas they had. 

The Clifton Councillor's also met with several members of staff over the year to discuss and action this feedback. 


This included:

  • Feedback about the library and lists of preferred books given to Miss Miller
  • Improvements to the toilets in the school, discussed and actioned by Mrs Whyte
  • Requests for Arts and Crafts projects, organised by Miss Gould 
  • Meeting with Miss Mohammed about road safety and helping with planning ideas for safe school travel
  • Making links with our local Day Centre and volunteering time with the elderly in our community 
  • Being representatives and giving a voice to pupils so they feel empowered and heard

Houses of Parliament Visit 

The Clifton Councillors, along with a group of children from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 visited the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. We had a fantastic time learning about how laws are created, how debates are held and how Parliament is run. We started with a tour of Westminster Palace, where we got to use the Kings door and staircase to enter the House of Lords! We then had an exciting workshop, where we got to choose a motion to debate and vote on. We really enjoyed our trip and we learned many new things about how our country is run. It also helped the Clifton Councillors to understand how important their role is within the school and they were able to make links between how MP's work for the people of their constituencies and Clifton Councillors represent the children in their classes. 

Visit to the Day Centre 

The Clifton Councillors, Year 4 and 5 helpers, Miss H Dhaliwal and Mrs Bansal went to visit the Day Centre in Southall. We spent time with the elderly people in our local community. We played cards, board games, learned how to knit, built lego models and had interesting conversations. It was really rewarding for us to build a partnership with the Day Centre so that we can bring more children in the future to volunteer their time. 

Whole School Nature Project 

The children requested, through their Clifton Councillors, to work on a whole school project with a showcase to display them. Miss Gould, Miss Dhaliwal and the Clifton Councillors helped to organise this and chose a nature theme.

Many of our families worked hard to complete the school nature project. We were so impressed by the fantastic submissions, the Clifton Councillors enjoyed showing families around and discussing the different entries. Everyone got to learn more about topics such as space, animal classification, seasons of the year, rainforests and so much more!