Clifton Primary School

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Clifton Council

Clifton Councillors

We are pleased to present our new Clifton Councillors for 2022-2023.


How were they elected?

Children first had to sign up to run as a Clifton Councillor. 

They then had a campaigning week, where they designed posters and presented speeches to their class, to persuade children to vote for them.

They then had an official ballot, where each class marked their votes and dropped it into a secure voting box.

The votes were then counted and the winners were announced. 


What do Clifton Councillors do?

- Promote the Clifton Council

-Take the views of their classmates to the Clifton Council meetings

-Go to Clifton Council meetings and take part in discussions

-Let their classmates know what was discussed at the meetings

-Help organise and get involved with pupil council projects