Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

At the BBC Learning about Human Resources

Year 6 Enabling Enterprise at BBC World!


Clifton's Year 6 were one of only 4 schools in the entire country to be chosen to take part in the Enabling Enterprise day at BBC World .


During their time there, the teams had the opportunity to explore the diverse work conducted by BBC world. They also learned how the Human Resources (HR) department works within the organisation.


They took part in a simulated process organised by the HR department which involved: an explanation of how HR works and recruitment processes; selection of candidates and induction into jobs; protection of employee rights and help to resolve disagreements.


The cherry on the cake was a tour of the building and seeing all the different styles in which BBC World encouraged creativity within their organisation. Everyone’s favourite was, ‘Hot Desking.’ This was where you didn’t have a fixed desk but sat wherever you wanted to when you wanted to.