Clifton Primary School

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Parental Feedback

My child has Ataxia which is a physical disability that he needs extra help for. He is really happy that he comes to Clifton Primary School because here he feels included in everything. Everyone at Clifton Primary School respects me and my child. I am really happy with all the external professionals that come in and see myself and my child. The teachers and teaching assistants always encourage and support my child to do his best. I am really grateful to god that my child comes to Clifton Primary school. (Clifton Parent)

My son has been diagnosed with having Autism. Since Clifton Primary School have been helping him, he has started to become more independent. His needs are always met, as the school work with outside professionals and listen to what they say he needs. My son used to only nod and not speak much but now he is speaking so much more. The school have given me things to use at home with my son such as a timetable with pictures and a sticker chart. This has helped my child to understand good and bad behaviours at home. The school helped me to get in touch with a charity who gave us some extra money so he now has an iPad he can use on our long journey to school on the bus to keep him busy. My son’s class teacher and the special needs coordinator are always welcoming, supportive and positive whenever I approach them. (Clifton Parent)

I have two children with Cerebral Palsy. My children started Clifton Primary School in September 2015. I felt very nervous and anxious as change for children can be very hard but I am grateful to God we did it. I believe everyone at Clifton has given my children confidence and support from the moment they arrived. The staff are welcoming and always willing to help. My children love coming to school. The school has not only helped my children but also offered me support and advice whenever I have needed it. Both of my children have been offered a wide range of classes, from Occupational Therapy support, Fine Motor skills activities, classroom support and touch typing lessons after school. The school has also organised external professionals to come in as well.  All the staff that work with my children are committed to making learning and exercising fun and enjoyable and manageable. I am so happy with this school and I can see that my children are very happy too. (Clifton Parent)