Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 
All prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school. 


Nursery Admissions


Clifton Primary has two nursery sessions. 

The morning session is between 8.45am to 11.45am and the afternoon session is between 12.45pm to 3.45pm.

Both classes have a maximum of 26 spaces each. 


If spaces are available, we are able to admit children in the term after their third birthday. Clifton Nursery is able to offer children 15 hours per week, term time only. Parents will be allocated five mornings or five afternoons per week with each session lasting 3 hours.


If you would like to put your child's name down for a place at our nursery, please ask for a nursery waiting list form from the office. Once you have completed it, return it to the school office and your child' will be put on our waiting list. 


If applications exceed the number of available places, the school will apply the following criteria in making allocations in the following order;


Priority will be given to:


  • Children who are four before the following September.


And then to:


  • Children with special educational, medical or social needs including looked after children. (Applications on these grounds will have to be supported in writing by the relevant professional involved, such as a Social Worker or GP etc.)


  • Children with a sibling at the Clifton Primary School when the child is due to be admitted. (A sibling is a brother or sister, which for admission purposes means brothers and sisters of whole or half blood, or any other child (including an adopted child) who permanently resides at the same address and for whom the parent also has parental responsibility.)


  • Children of a member of staff where this will enable the staff member to continue with their contractual duties.


  • Children who live closest to the school (a straight line on a map from the parental home post code to the school post code is used to calculate the distance.) We regard the parental home address to be where the child spends the majority of their school week, Monday to Friday, including nights. Evidence of address is required and may take the form of a utilities bill or council tax bill confirming name and address.


Please also note the following:


  • Clifton Nursery School can admit children each term if places are available.


  • Parents will be asked for their National Insurance Number, child’s birth certificate and proof of address.


  • Unsuccessful applicants will be considered with the next group of applicants if the criteria are still met.


It should be noted that a place in Clifton Nursery does not automatically guarantee a place in Reception at Clifton Primary School. You still need to apply for a Reception place.



Reception and In Year Admissions



All Reception and In Year Admissions are coordinated by the London borough of Ealing


Advice to Parents


All preferences are treated equally and the Local Authority will offer the highest preference that is able to be offered. Therefore parents should rank the schools in order of their preference.


It is advisable to use all the preferences (6) and make one of the preferences the priority area school.


If the Local Authority is unable to offer any of the preferences the parents will be offered a place at a school which has a vacancy at the end of the process.  Therefore it is important that they make realistic preferences and make their nearest school one of those preferences.


Changes to the admissions criteria for Community Schools


Following consultation the Community Schools admission arrangements have changed for admission in 2016. The priority areas and the criterion for exceptional medical/social circumstances have been removed.


The admission criteria for Community Primary Schools will be as follows:


  • Looked after children and children who were previously looked after
  • Siblings who will still be attending the main school at the time of admission
  • Distance from home to school


Online applications


The advantages of applying online are:


  • It is convenient and secure        
  • Parents receive electronic acknowledgement of their application
  • Parents can scan and attach any supporting documentation e.g. proof of date of birth (proof of address is not required at time of application)
  • Parents can obtain the outcome of their application on-line


For more information regarding school admissions, please visit the Ealing Admissions website via the link below or click on the internal link to view our School Admission Policy.