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Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week 2022


This year, the theme was Reach Out! We did a lot of work on how to ask for help, who to reach out to and why this is important. We had a Dress to Express Day to celebrate our wonderful differences and how unique we are. We worked hard in our PSHE lessons to understand the difference between bullying and unkind behaviour, different types of bullying and how to reach out for help. We also had a competition to showcase our learning, the entries were amazing! 


Anti Bullying Week 2021

At Clifton Primary School, we stand united against bullying! We started our Anti Bullying Week with a special assembly to talk about the importance of spreading kindness. We talked about how to be kinder to others, at school and at home, using our words and actions. We also shared ideas about what to do if we felt we were being bullied or if we saw bullying take place. We agreed that it is so important to treat each other with respect and that one kind word or action can create a ripple effect across our school!

Odd Socks Day

Every year, as part of Anti Bullying Week, we celebrate Odd Socks Day. On this day, we come to school wearing mismatching socks to celebrate our differences and how unique and special we all are!

Anti Bullying Week Lessons

We used our PSHE lessons this week to focus on different issues relating to bullying across the school.

EYFS and KS1 focused on what it means to be a good friend to others and continued to explore the idea of kindness. 

LKS2 explored different types of bullying; Verbal, Physical, Indirect and Cyber bullying.

UKS2 looked at Racism and the importance of celebrating our differences.