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Throughout the year we have many new children start school with us in all year groups. Lots of these children have just moved to England from other countries and some do not speak very much English. If you are one of our new children, we want to welcome you to our wonderful school.


Before you start at our school, your family will be given a Clifton Primary School Welcome Booklet and a guide to Southall. If you have very little English, you will be given a communication booklet to help you too. 


On your first day of school, your new teacher will meet you at the front office and give you a quick tour. You will be given two special buddies from your own class who will stay with you for the first few days to make sure you know where everything is. If you cannot speak any English yet, that is OK because we will soon have Language Leaders from Year 5&6 who will meet you too. Their job is to keep an eye out for all new children who need help with English and make sure you are feeling safe and happy at school. They will be on duty at break and lunchtimes. You will also join a phonics group so that you pick up reading English words super quickly!


To make sure that you settle in well, Miss Dhaliwal will meet you within a few weeks of you starting and check that you have made friends and to give you the chance to ask any important questions – she will make sure that this is all done in the language you feel the most confident in. Miss Dhaliwal will continue to meet you every few weeks until you feel well settled. Then you will even be given a Graduation certificate in assembly to say that you are a new member of the Clifton Family.


Miss Dhaliwal will also meet your family to make sure that they have settled in well and offer help in getting to know how everything works in England because things can be very different between different countries. This will include talking about the local area and registering for a GP and dentist so if you are worried about how to do any of this she is here to help.


Here you can listen to stories in your home language:


Here you can watch stories with symbols to help you learn some English:


Here you can translate English into your home language:


The page below will take you to come useful phonics videos to help you learning to read English:

Below, you can read this information in the main languages spoken by our new families. If you would like this in another language please ask. We have used Google Translate to create this content.