Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

School Meals

School Meals are provided by 'Harrison,' cooked on the premises and served in the downstairs hall.

Meals are healthy, nutritious and great value for money. 


We offer a wide selection of meat, fish and vegetarian meals throughout the week. We have both halal and non halal options each day. 


Our kitchen is nut free and we try to be as egg-free as possible. All of our cakes and puddings and made without egg, as is the mayonnaise we use in salads. 


Everyday we have a full, self-serving salad bar, complete with a range of fresh vegetables, mixed salads and home-made bread. 


School meals are priced at £2.35 per day, this is £11.75 per week and can be paid for via the Ealing Meals website below. Your account must be in credit by 1 week to ensure your child receives a school meal.  


Please Note - The way that school meals are served has been adapted for Covid-19. This includes use of the self-serve salad bar.