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Life can be very busy and we often think about lots of different things at the same time. This can leave us feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Mindfulness is about slowing down and being in the moment and aware of how you feel. Meditating and focusing on your breathing are just some of the ways that can help you feel more calm, help you focus and feel more positive.


Mindfulness can:

- Help relieve stress

- Treat heart disease

- Lower blood pressure

- Reduce chronic pain

- Improve sleep

What is .breathe?
.breathe is a four-session programme suitable for Year 5 and 6 children. It offers an opportunity for pupils to ‘dip their toes in mindfulness’, exploring the ways in which this might support them through the highs and lows of life.  It compliments the school’s MindUp programme, offering some additional support prior to transition to high school.
In particular, .breathe explores issues around:
  • Working with the capacity of attention; exploring how we can work with a wandering mind.
  • Why humans worry, and how to support ourselves when we do so.
  • Sleep – why it is important and what to do if we struggle to sleep well.
  • Being with others – the opportunities and challenges of working skilfully with friendships and other relationships, both in person and online.
Each session includes:
  • Exploration of the function and structure of key areas of the brain involved in daily experience
  • Introductory mindfulness practices
  • Animations
  • Discussions
  • Exercises they can try in their own time

Lesson One Guided Video

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Lesson Three Guided Video

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