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Careers Week 2022

Careers Week 2022

This year we organised our annual Careers Week, which was a huge success! In PSHE, we prepare ourselves to take our place in the wider world. A big part of this reflecting on what we want to achieve as we grow up and being aware of all the career/ job prospects we have. Thinking about this while we are in school helps us to set goals for ourselves and reminds us that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.


We had a number of professionals from a range of different careers and backgrounds come in to speak to us about their jobs and why they chose to do them. We had lots of opportunities to ask questions and really explore the different jobs that people in our local and wider community do. 


We had visits from the Metropolitan Police, a paramedic, an architect, a barber, an optometrist, a chemist, a taxi driver, a veterinary nurse, a pilot, a charity fundraiser and a football coach. Many bought in pictures, videos and props. 


We felt really inspired by the end of the week and we even came in dressed as what we want to be when we are adults!