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School Uniform

At Clifton we have an ‘active’ school uniform based on feedback from staff, parents and pupils. Wearing an active school uniform means that staff can take advantage of key points in the school day to get the pupils active. This might be through doing the active jog, having some time in the fitness garden or taking part in an online fitness video alongside their two PE lessons per week which are 1 hour each. There are also lots of activities in the playground at both break times and lunchtimes which are physical, such as; scooters, and construction which is easier to take part in with an active uniform.


Footwear is plain black trainers. It is not necessary for pupils to wear bright coloured, branded trainers.


It is not necessary for pupils to bring expensive rucksacks, book bags, pencil cases or stationary to school. We provide the pupils with all the stationary they need.

Our uniform comprises of both branded and non-branded items. All branded items are completely optional.


Branded items can be purchased from two places:



Non-branded items can be purchased anywhere. Our most recent School Uniform Survey in June 2024 showed that the following shops are most popular with our community:


  • Tesco
  • Matalan
  • Asda
  • Sainsburys
  • Primark
  • Marks and Spencer (when discounted)

Each half term there will be a second-hand uniform sale. If you have any school uniform items that don't fit your child anymore but are still in good condition, please donate them to school and we will re-sell them. Costs of items will be extremely affordable.


Sometimes there are special occasions when children are allowed to wear non-uniform to school, e.g. birthdays, class parties and themed non-uniform day.

Active School Uniform

Other Items

  • Bottle green school sweatshirt, v-neck, cardigan or hoodie with school logo (optional)
  • Bottle green school sweatshirt, v-neck or cardigan without the school logo
  • Plain white polo shirt or t-shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • Plain grey, black or bottle green tracksuit bottoms, leggings sports shorts or legging shorts
  • Green Gingham Playsuit or Grey Playsuit
  • Plain grey, black or bottle green skort
  • Plain black trainers
  • Bottle green book bag with or without school logo
  • Water Bottle


Our Uniform

Health and Safety

Click the link below to be taken to our school policies page where you will find our School Uniform Policy.