Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

In Year Admissions

All In Year Admissions are coordinated by the London Borough of Ealing


Advice to Parents


All preferences are treated equally and the Local Authority will offer the highest preference that is able to be offered. Therefore parents should rank the schools in order of their preference.


It is advisable to use all the preferences (6) and make one of the preferences the priority area school.


If the Local Authority is unable to offer any of the preferences the parents will be offered a place at a school which has a vacancy at the end of the process.  Therefore it is important that they make realistic preferences and make their nearest school one of those preferences.


Online applications


The advantages of applying online are:


  • It is convenient and secure        
  • Parents receive electronic acknowledgement of their application
  • Parents can scan and attach any supporting documentation e.g. proof of date of birth (proof of address is not required at time of application)
  • Parents can obtain the outcome of their application on-line


For more information regarding school admissions, please visit the Ealing Admissions website via the link below.