Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Nutrition- Spring Term


Healthy inside, Healthy outside 


Over the Spring Term, we have been focusing on the Nutrition key and how eating well can help us feel better. 

To launch our new key, we had an assembly with Miss Emma and Nicole McGregor from the Ealing Health Improvement Team. We talked about the benefits of eating well and we discussed what a healthy packed lunch looks like.


During our Well Being Afternoon this term, we did lots of fun and exciting activities to help us learn about how food improves our mood.


EYFS and KS1

We spent our afternoon doings things like sorting healthy and treat foods, making healthy rainbow pizzas, fruit tasting and designing a healthy packed lunch. 


We spent our afternoon learning about the different food groups and nutrients that we get from food. Using the Eatwell guide, we created balanced meals, nutritious recipes and healthy menus. These are designed to keep us healthy physically and mentally.  

Here are some examples of our healthy menus!