Clifton Primary School

The Clifton family is united in striving to create a calm, safe and positive school which nurtures friendships

Accreditation's and Partnerships

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The Children's University


We run a wide range of extra curricular activities for pupils from Year 1-6, which support them in achieving their stamps towards their Children's University Graduation. 

Please see the links below which give more information about the Children's University at Clifton. 



Healthy Schools Silver Award


We continue to work alongside the Ealing Health Team, staff, parents and pupils to ensure that we have a healthy school. 

Ealing Family-School Partnership Award


We value our relationships with all parents and carers. The excellent work that all of our staff members do to ensure that these partnerships are effective has been recognised by the Extended Schools Team at Ealing through the Family School Partnership Award. 

Ealing Music Service


We are proud members of Ealing Music Service, currently offering whole class ensemble lessons to Year 3, who are learning how to play the p-bone. We have also just started a brand new school choir. 

TfL Stars - Gold Level

School Games - Silver Award


School Games is an exciting, fully inclusive competition for school children in all across England.

Through the School Games, Clifton is inspiring young people to take part in competitive school sport.

The Games are made up of four levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools, at county/area level and a national event.  By providing competition in different formats it makes competition more attractive and accessible for young people, and ensures they can all take part in competitive sport irrespective of their experience, talent or ability. Clifton achieved a silver award this year and we are aiming for gold! We achieved this because we gave children an opportunity to play competitive sports within B and C teams, training a leadership and workforce team to run a Change 4 Life club and building links local sports teams.

Youth Sports Trust Quality Mark - Silver Award


The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity that builds a brighter future for young people through the power of sport. The Quality Mark is an online self-review tool which provides schools with a nationally recognised badge of excellence for the quality of its PE and school sport. The tool supports schools to audit their PE provision and identify priorities for its development. Our main focus was to provide continuous professional development to support any teachers that may need it. At Clifton, we are proud to say that we have achieved the silver award and we are aiming for gold!