Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Year 3

Hello  Year 3!

You will be completing your lessons at home and sending your completed work back to your teachers by email. This may seem a little strange at first but we can do it!

You can do your work in the following ways:

  • Download, print, complete by hand, scan and  email back.
  • Download, complete on the screen, save and email back.
  • Download, complete by hand on paper, take a photo and email back.
  • Look at the work on the screen, complete by hand on paper, take a photo and email back.


Please send each day's work to your class email address by the end of the day.  Make sure that your adult writes your full name in the subject section.  Remember to write your name and  the date your work.  


Miss Osman -

Miss Uzoka -


Scroll all the way down the page to make sure that you see all the work that has been uploaded to you!

Remember -  give each piece of work your best effort and remember presentation!  

Email all your work back to your teacher in one email on the same day.

Monday 25th January


Joe Wicks  will be live streaming his PE lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Lessons start at 9am.

If you want to start your day with fun fitness you can.  Just go to Joe Wicks' Youtube channel.




In today's English lesson, you will be learning about apostrophes for contraction!


Please make sure your handwriting is clear and as neat as possible!

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Alfie | The Body Coach TV

8 minute kids workout 😊


Today we are starting a new unit on money.  When you do your work please ensure that it is legible and neat. Make sure that your pencil is sharp before you begin your work.

Your Afternoon Activities!

Remember to do your Individual Reading.  Are you able to retell what you've read? Can you read fluently and understand the text?

Then, you can hone your number knowledge by using Timetable Rockstars.

In this History lesson, please read the fact file, answer the questions and then make your own poster about why the Indus people had to live next to rivers! Make sure to include as much information as you can.
Daily PE