Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Working with Featherstone High School

We are working closely with our local secondary school, Featherstone High School, to provide our pupils with exciting opportunities, help to improve pupil outcomes and support our staff with their professional development. 

Year 5 become regulars in the FHS Science Lab


Every other week, Year 5 will be using one of the Science labs at Featherstone High School for their Science lesson.


This fantastic opportunity will mean that our pupils will be able to use the resources and equipment which the high school have available and be taught by a specialist science teacher alongside their class teacher. This provides our pupils with lots of scientific experiences and supports our teachers in their own professional development. 

Homework Mentors


For the past two years, we have been working with Featherstone High School to support their pupils in their extra-curricular activities.


Pupils from Year 8 provide daily support for Clifton pupils from Year 2 to 6 during homework club. This experience provides the pupils of Featherstone with the opportunity to support our pupils in their homework, but also to grow in confidence and get a feel for what they would like to do as a job when they are older. 


The Clifton pupils really enjoy getting to know the Year 8 pupils and have them support them in their homework.  

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Reading Mentors


Pupils from Year 8 provide daily support for Clifton pupils from Year 3 to 6 as reading mentors. The pupils are visited once a week by their mentor and together they read and discuss the latest book they have checked out from our school library. 

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Professional Development for Staff


We have worked alongside Featherstone High School to support each other in our own professional development. 

English and Maths teachers from the high school have observed lessons in Year 5 in order to see the expectations of the pupils and how they can support them when they transition over to Year 7. 


Two members of the geography team from Featherstone High School ran a session for Clifton staff which included; making geography more practical, fieldwork skills and using geography equipment and resources effectively such as; maps. 


The UKS2 Team said after the session, 'This has helped us to develop our subject knowledge and made us more confident in planning engaging classroom activities for our pupils.'

Geography Club Leaders


We are lucky enough to have a number of pupils from Year 12 who are currently studying fir their A Level in Geography running an after school club for pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6. 


This is a great way for our pupils to learn about subjects which interest them from pupils not far off their own age. The Year 12 pupils are gaining knowledge in; lesson planning, teaching, assessing and their confidence is growing more and more each week. 

Year 6 Visit FHS for Science Workshops


Year 6 pupils took part in two exciting Science afternoons at Featherstone High School. 


Malala Class took part in a workshop about animals and their habitats. They were given the opportunity to hold real life animals, such as; a frog, lizard and snake! 


Gandhi Class took part in a DNA lesson. They used scientific equipment to extract the DNA from a kiwi fruit, and put it inside a necklace for each of them to keep.