Clifton Primary School

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Staying Safe in School

What should I do if I am worried about my safety or my friend's safety?

Feeling worried is a very natural instinct and it can sometimes help to keep us safe. In school, there are many adults that we can talk to. All adults in school are here to keep you safe; teachers, dinner ladies and office staff. Remember that Miss Taina, our school Counsellor, is here every Monday and she is also here to help. You can drop a note in the box for her to read in the Clifton Hall but remember she is only here on a Monday so if you or anyone you know is in danger tell an adult in school straight away. 


What should I do if I am worried about members of my family?

There are adults who are trained to help parents, carers and family members too. If there is anything upsetting you or your family outside of school you can talk to Miss Emma or Miss Corrigan. Sometimes adults need help just as much as children do, remember to tell them they can get help at school too. 


What should I do if I see something dangerous in school?

Sometimes things in school can break and they need to be fixed by Mr Ahmed. If you ever see anything which looks broken or dangerous tell an adult straight away so that we can keep our school safe. We keep our doors locked so that strangers cannot get in, if you see someone who you do not know tell an adult straight away - it will probably just be a new visitor. 


Who should I speak to if I am scared about something?

Any adult in school can help you if you are feeling scared or frightened. Some children were frightened of the new toilets in the Talbot building because the lights took too long to turn on so we asked Mr Ahmed to change this for us!


What should I do if I see children behaving in a silly way?

During breaktime and lunchtime, there are always adults on duty who you can share your concerns with. There are also the Cyber Mentors to help you.