Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Reading Teacher

My name is Claire Heffernan and I run Reading for Pleasure groups at Clifton Primary School.


Studies have shown that children who regularly read for pleasure not only perform better academically but also tend to develop a greater sense of empathy and a better understanding of the lives and experiences of others. Most importantly, however, I encourage the children I work with to see reading as something which can be fantastically enjoyable and fulfilling in its own right.


In my small reading groups (usually 4 or 5 pupils) we read books and poetry together and I encourage the children to reflect on and talk about the themes and events that they encounter in the stories and poems. It is great to see how talking in this way develops both the pupils’ thinking skills and their confidence to share their thoughts and ideas.


At the beginning of each session, we discuss what the children are reading at home or in class and I try to recommend books that they might like to try. The children I work with here at Clifton Primary School are enthusiastic, interesting and imaginative and it is a great pleasure to work with them.