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Parent's Evening - School Cloud


We are using a new online system for Parents Evenings called 'School Cloud.'

Parents/Carers are able book online meetings to see the class teacher to discuss their attainment and progress in their learning. 


Parents/Carers will need a device with internet and a microphone. If you have a camera as well, that is great so the teacher can see you during the appointment, but if you don't have a camera, that is ok too. The meeting can still take place. 


Each meeting is scheduled for 7 minutes and will count down so you know how much time you and the teacher have left. 


The website you need in order to book your appointment is:

Below you will find a link to the page too. 


Below, you will find information about how to schedule an appointment to see your child's teacher for Parents Evening and how to access the appointment on the day/time you have booked. 




Thursday 21st April

1.45pm – 7.00pm

Year 1 Tulip – Miss Harris

Year 1 Daffodil – Mrs Brytan

Reception Sunflower – Miss Kalsi

Reception Poppy – Mrs Watson

Monday 25th April

1.45pm – 7.00pm

Year 3 Zephaniah – Miss Osman

Year 3 Rowling – Miss Uzoka

Year 4 Darwin – Miss Ellinas

Year 4 Curie – Ms Abed

Wednesday 27th April

1.45pm – 7.00pm

Year 2 Seacole – Miss Masih

Year 2 Nightingale – Miss Miller

Year 6 Hawking - Miss Bantlemen

Year 6 Malala – Mr Hilmi

Wednesday 4th May

1.45pm – 7.00pm

Year 5 Mandela – Miss Dhaliwal

Year 5 Rashford – Mr Sahota

Year 5 Frank – Miss Haling