Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Miss Laura Corrigan - Co Headteacher and SENDCo
Mrs Lori Greenglass - Co Headteacher
Miss Baljinder Barum - Assistant Headteacher
Ms Emma Coutts - Pastoral Lead
Mrs S Whyte - School Business Manager
Miss J Redgate - Nursery Bluebell and Snowdrop
Mrs J Watson - Reception Poppy
Miss A Harris - Reception Sunflower
Mrs M Brytan - Year 1 Daffodil
Miss E Miller - Year 1 Tulip
Miss A Kalsi - Year 2 Nightingale
Miss S Masih - Year 2 Seacole
Ms R Abed - Year 3 Rowling
Mrs T Kinsey - Year 3 Seuss
Miss M Osman - Year 3 Zephaniah
Ms C Uzoka - Year 4 Curie
Mr F Ashor - Year 4 Einstein
Mr A Hilmi - Year 5 Frank
Miss G Bantleman - Year 5 Mandela
Miss M Das - Year 6 Malala
Miss S Dhaliwal - Year 6 Hawking
Miss H Dhaliwal - PPA Teacher
Miss A Mohammed - PPA Teacher
Miss Claire - Reading Teacher
Mrs L Copeland - Educational Psychologist
Miss Salini - SEND HLTA
Miss S Jennings - Nursery Nurse (Nursery)
Mrs P Mehay - Nursery Nurse (Poppy)
Mrs J Savas - Nursery Nurse (Sunflower)
Mrs M Chaudhary - LSA
Mrs S Ahmed - LSA
Mrs B Bansal - LSA
Mrs P Matharu - LSA
Mrs S Kaur - LSA
Mrs M Rai - LSA
Miss Sim - SALT LSA
Miss H Khan - LSA
Miss R Brown - Support Assistant
Mrs H Nazir - Support Assistant
Mrs R Hoosein - Welfare Assistant and SMSA
Mrs T Brown - Medical Assistant
Mr Tony - Site Supervisor
Mr A Hoosein - Senior Administrator (Admissions)
Mrs N Abraao - Senior Administrator (Attendance)
Mrs J Bhullar - SMSA
Mrs B Kaur - SMSA
Mrs N Khan - SMSA
Mrs D Hira - SMSA
Mrs M Khalon - SMSA
Mrs A Kumar - SMSA
Mrs H Choudhury - SMSA
Mrs S Sandhya - SMSA
Mrs Z Homayoun - Kitchen Staff
Mrs N Charters - Kitchen Staff
Ms E Hudson - Kitchen Staff
Mrs N Chauhan - Kitchen Staff