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Learning Destinations

When children join the Children's University, they will receive a ‘Passport to Learning’. After children visit a learning destination in school or out of school, they will receive a stamp in their passport which recognises their participation.


At the end of each academic year, Children who have participated in at least 30 hours of additional learning will be invited to attend a Graduation ceremony at a leading University in London and will have earned their bronze Children’s University Award. Once children have achieved their Bronze award, they will be able to earn further Silver and Gold awards through active participation at Learning Destinations.


A breakdown of Children's University Certificates as well as a link to local Learning Destinations in your area are provided bellow:

Learning Destinations include museums and airports, exhibitions and libraries, after-school sports and clubs and activities like brownies and youth music. They provide high quality learning activities and experiences with a ‘wow’ factor and have passed the Children’s University’s own quality assurance process (Planning for Learning). As long as the Learning Destination has been validated by the Children’s University it will have some publicity with the official logo, and a stamp with which to credit a child’s Passport to Learning.



Learning Destinations