Clifton Primary School

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Cyber and Friendship Mentors

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During breaktime and lunchtime, the Cyber/Friendship mentors are always on duty. They are trained in dealing with any friendships issues so seek them out if:


- You feel lonely

- You see children being silly inside or outside of the school building

- You hear anything unkind being said

- You have a problem which you do not know how to solve

- You want to play a game but are unsure of how to get other children to join in 

- You need to know when it is your turn to use the different equipment 

The Friendship Mentors have all attended two day training, after we secured funding from the John Lyons Trust. This is a three year project which provides support for pupils around on-line risks, cyber bullying and other issues such as friendship.


As a school we decided the 29 trained mentors would offer support to pupils at lunchtime. They each wear a high-vis waistcoat and have a lanyard to identify themselves. They have a note book to write down conversations they have with other pupils and have been trained to report any safeguarding concerns to Miss Emma, the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Miss Corrigan in her absence.


Next year the mentors will train others so that the project can continue to grow. We also plan to train the mentors to offer mentoring around behaviour and attendance.


If you would like to become a Cyber Mentor a Friendship Mentor please speak to Miss Emma.