Clifton Primary School

Aspire to Achieve

Children's Messages

Here are messages from some of our pupils explaining how we help them at school. 
My school helps me by letting a lady come in who does exercises with me and Mrs Rai. She also checks that my leg brace is on right as sometimes it is loose. My mummy comes to school to meet with Miss Corrigan & Miss Emma to learn more about how to help me at home. (Year 2 Pupil)


Sometimes I find maths difficult but Mrs Rai helps me understand it. Me and my sister do exercises every morning before school with my teacher and that helps me a lot when I am outside. The physiotherapist that comes to school to see me is very kind and helpful with my exercises. (Year 3 Pupil)


The teachers help me with the things I find difficult. I find balancing difficult so we practice every day. There is a Speech and Language lady and an Occupational visitor that work with Miss Salini so she can help me lots in school. I get a lot of help from Miss Salini. (Year 4 Pupil)


I came back to Clifton last September. I love school because it is a fun place where I can play and learn things. I find some things in English and Maths hard but the teachers always help me by explaining it to me again. Sometimes a therapy lady visits me and works with me outside of class, she says I am doing really well with my targets. (Year 5 Pupil)


My teachers are very kind and the children here are friendly. When I put up my hand, my teacher helps me with the work I find difficult. Miss Lynne works with me to understand how my brain works and how I might be feeling. (Year 6 Pupil)