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Suleekha Wins Star Pupil at the Featherstone Sports Partnership Awards Ceremony!

Suleekha Wins Star Pupil at the Featherstone Sports Partnership Awards Ceremony! 1

Our star Boccia player, Suleekha, was entered to win 'Star Pupil' at the July 2018 Featherstone Sports Partnership Awards. Out of all pupils nominated, Suleekha won first place and we could not be prouder of her. Suleekha is not just a star Boccia player but she is also training to become a Boccia coach with the charity PACE, who deliver our Boccia sessions at school.


Keep up the great work Suleekha - we will see you in the Olympics one day!

Boccia School Competition 

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At the beginning of January, Mr Hilmi and Miss Corrigan ran an after school Boccia club. They soon realised that we have some very talented players! As a result, we entered the Ealing Primary School Boccia Competition.

Meet our Team:

Aiyansh Talwar

Suleekha Mohamed

David Walters

Enderpal Roshan

Hardeep Chopra


During the competition we beat Hamborough, St Anselms, Mayfield and Wood End Academy. Unfortunately, we lost to Selborne in the final. We came third in a Kurling Competition and won shiny bronze medals for representing our school so well! We were all extremely proud! A special mention has to be made to Hardeep Chopra who scored the winning point to take us into the final and he was voted ‘Player of the Tournament.’

Boccia Club


As part of the Children's University, we are now running an after school Boccia club with the support of the PACE Charity. The club is delivered by Hardeep Chopra, Aiyansh Talwar and Suleeka Mohamed. 

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Boccia League Competition 

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On Sunday 25th February Aiyansh and Jasman were lucky enough to watch a Boccia League Tournament. During the match they got to meet several players who had disabilities such as Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. The players were inspirational and were far better at Boccia than people without disabilities! Below is a paragraph from Aiyansh and Jasman describing their eventful day.


The Boccia teams had three players and one was the captain. The captain got to choose who bowled their balls and when. Each of the players had their own set of special balls which were very expensive! As we were spectators, we took a seat in the audience whilst the teams entered the hall. It was very exciting and one of the teams entered the Boccia pitch to the song, ‘We Will Rock You.’


At the Boccia competition we saw Alex, an international Boccia athlete, who we met at the Ealing School’s Boccia Competition in January. Our favourite team was the Red Team because 14 year old Mitchell, who was an amazing player, was the captain. We had a great day even though red team lost. At the end of the day we took a picture with our favourite player Mitchell.

Soon, the Boccia teams will be coming to school to work with all of the children and we will be able to introduce our star player Mitchell to everyone.