Clifton Primary School

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Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team


The Pupil Leadership Team is a group of pupils from Year 2-6 who have specific roles around the school. 

Picture 1 Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy and Head Girl


The head boy and head girl have lots of important responsibilities across the school, these include; meeting and greeting special visitors to the school, ensuring pupils are staying safe inside and outside of the building and meeting the Co Headteachers to discuss school issues. 

Picture 1 Pupil Council

Pupil Council


The pupil council representatives have been elected by their classmates to represent their views, thoughts and ideas to improve the life of our school. 


A new pupil council is formed during the Autumn Term. Anyone who wishes to put themselves forward makes posters and gives a speech to their class during campaign week. The children vote using the stands from polling station in order to keep it confidential. 


Pupil Councillors are also members of the different teams within the pupil leadership team. 

Picture 1 Charity Leaders

Charity Leaders


The charity leaders decide which local and global charities we will support each year as a school. They plan exciting non-uniform days, as well as sponsored events for everyone to take part in. 


New to Clifton this academic year will be the Clifton Cares Charity Week, which will take place in July. This is a whole week where the school will take part in a number of charity events and activities to help those around us. 

Picture 1 Children's University Leaders

Children's University Leaders


The children's university leaders work alongside Miss Colley to plan exciting extra curricular clubs for the school and also give feedback from their year groups about how the children are enjoying their clubs.

Picture 1 Library Leaders

Library Leaders


The library leaders are responsible for ensuring the library is organised and tidy. They scan books back in from the returns trolley and put them back in the correct places on the shelves. 

Picture 1 Lunch Leaders

Lunch Leaders


The lunch leaders work in our two lunch halls to check that everything is running smoothly. They help the SMSAs with serving the salad, clearing away litter and cutlery, and help other pupils make good and healthy lunch choices.


They also work with our head chef to choose new and special menus for us to eat. 

Picture 1 Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders


The sports leaders make sure that everyone has someone to play with in the playground. They are also responsible for leading games in the playground and encouraging all pupils to join in.