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Occupational Therapist

Picture 1 Shanice Welds - Occupational Therapist

Hello my name is Shanice Welds and I work for Ealing's Occupational Therapy Team. I have previous experience working in a Special Needs school populated mainly by students with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.


I am at Clifton Primary School to support students who have Occupational Therapy on their statements/ EHCP. Parents are welcome to attend sessions in school and will always be sent a school visit summary report following any Occupational Therapy visit. Parents can contact me regarding any Occupational Therapy needs on: 0208 825 8768


At Clifton Primary I support children in all areas of daily living, including; sensory impairment, physical needs, handwriting difficulties, fine and gross motor difficulties, self-care, attention, and concentration.


Below I have listed 3 websites that you might find useful to gain some ideas of activities to complete at home to help your child with a variety of difficulties