Clifton Primary School

The Clifton family is united in striving to create a calm, safe and positive school which nurtures friendships

PGL - Day 2

The great weather is continuing. The kids are all flourishing under the sun. We started our day with breakfast which was well stocked and extremely filling. We had a choice of eggs, vegetarian sausages, cereal, toast and fruit which set us up for the day ahead.


We participated in a wide range of activities including;  Zip wire, Jacob's Ladder, Aeroball and Tunnel Trail. Children worked well together in teams on Jacob's Ladder and are now experienced belayers and can conquer any obstacle. Everybody took part in the Tunnel Trail with some people confronting fears of the darkness and creepy critters.


We ended the day with a campfire where children told stories and sang songs. It was a great day!


Boys Vs Girls

Girls won today with their bravery and performance in all challenges. 


Quote of the Day

The activities today were exhilarating - much better than I thought they would be. (Ikra)