Clifton Primary School

The Clifton family is united in striving to create a calm, safe and positive school which nurtures friendships


I am a university student that volunteered in Clifton Primary School. I have had many past experiences in the education sector, and I must say that Clifton Primary has been the best experience so far.

Teachers are not only extremely friendly and welcoming but they involve you in the classroom, thus gaining a rich experience. For example, working with different groups of children, involved in teaching the class and participating in classroom activities. Also, the children are welcoming and are amazing to work with. The school as a whole has a very cheerful and welcoming environment with great staff.

I would also like to add that this school is very flexible with hours and are very understanding with circumstances. Also, as a student they have been very helpful, understanding and supportive of my studies.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in gaining solid experience in a primary school to consider Clifton Primary School. You will not regret it, as they offer a great learning experience.

MM 2016 – 2017 Student




I completed work experience at Clifton Primary School as an undergraduate student from November 2016 - March 2017. This has been the best and most informed experience I have had in the education sector.

The school has a great learning environment. The teachers I worked with are very experienced and continually gave me advice regarding my aspiration to be a teacher. They also allowed me to become a part of their classroom and get involved in every single activity. The teachers assistants were friendly and helpful too. The Deputy headteacher was understanding of any situation I had and extremely helpful toward the completion of my dissertation at university. All the students were welcoming, bright and fun and easy to work with.

I have now graduated from university and I am still in contact with the Deputy headteacher. Despite her busy schedule, she has been supportive and helpful in terms of the next steps I am taking toward my career aspiration and I am very appreciative of this.

I would highly encourage and recommend anyone who is looking for experience in the education sector to go to Clifton Primary school. This is an experience I always look back at. I definitely consider going back to the school in the future again!

AH 2016 - 2017 Student




I am a parent who volunteered at Clifton Primary School. It was a great and rewarding experience in a warm and comfortable environment. Both the teachers and the students were welcoming and friendly. They loved to have someone join them in their daily activities. I strongly recommend this school to all that are interested in giving their best to the school community.

SD 2017 – Parent Volunteer